SynchroniciMe - "My Life Of Synchronicity"

A community of connected souls, living unbelievable lives of synchronicity

Worldwide we are waking up... The consciousness shift is occurring and the stories of crazy coincidences have reached epidemic levels.

Synchronicime is about aligning yourself with true purpose and allowing the universal flow to take you to places you have never been. Synchronicities are just the beginning signs that change is bound to come. Come tell us your story and share in the infinite possibilities that are all around us.

The Journey Begins Here

We're in Beta!

We are proud to announce the member community is leaving alpha and is now moving into beta stages! Sorry, but we are currently an invitation only community, but click here to be emailed at our first public opening. 

Calling All Writers

If you have a passion for writing, and believe in synchronicity, then it just may be no accident that you are here today :) We would love to hear from you and consider you for an author in our new community. Please contact us ASAP and let us know your specific area of interest and we would love to start showing off your work and talent.